All-Star Team Fees:


Novice/Prep teams                       

$75 Registration fee due at Sign-Ups in May, then $120/month June-March - monthly fee includes gym issued uniform to wear at competitions, choreography, music and monthly cheer fee 

Not included in the $120 is a USASF annual membership fee of $30 paid directly to USASF, cheer shoes, extra tumbling classes and the option of an end of season event.

Novice/Prep teams will attend 2-3 local competitions.

All Star Elite teams

$75 Registration fee due at Sign-Ups in May, then $180/month June-March - includes choreography, music, competition fees, practice wear and bow, tumbling classes and monthly cheer fee


Elite Monthly fees listed above do NOT include:

Uniform -  $350 (broken into 3 payments)

USASF - $30 (due 06/01/2021)

Black Cheer shoes due (10/01/2021)

Elite teams will attend 4-6 local competitions plus 1-3 overnight competitions.  

End of season events (US Finals, D2 Summit, The One, National's) are not included in the monthly fees.

Athletes on novice and prep teams  will receive tumbling during their team practice time. The additional tumbling classes are not included with the cheer fees for these 2 teams.

Athletes on elite teams will receive tumbling classes in addition to their regular cheer practice night that is included with above fees.

All fees are due on the 1st of each month.  

Fundraisers will be available throughout the season.